Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Procrastination at its finest

So were suppose to be out of our house tomorrow. This is where were whole box

Its beautiful and sunny outside, therefore we decided the extreme procrastination approach would be best under the circumstances. Pack one box..go to the beach..pack one box..go to Taco surf...pack one box...go to the beach. If all goes well we should be done packing by mid October

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cru VS the blue beast-The Ultimate battle!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Food storage is starting to make more sense...

This is my Friend  Shelly Roche from the News network for which I use to produce/report. She also has her own show with Judge Napolitano from FOX NEWS where they discuss our civil liberties that are under attack(see second video)She is discussing bills HR 875, HR 759, NAIS and Monsanto.(google these for more info) These bills are basically an attack on small farmers but presented under the guise of "food safety." We are already poisoned by our food because everything(except organic) is genetically modified and contains synthetic ingredients. Start checking your food labels to see what you're eating. Organic apple sauce will say "apples cane juice and water" Non-organic will say "apples, water, disodium phosphate, artificial flavor, xnthan gum, disodium inosinate, guanylate" and many other "fun" ingredients I have never heard.  This bill will further the use of synthetic ingredients in our food supply and further the break down our bodies. The necessity of Food storage is starting to make more sense....  

Freedom watch with Shelly and Judge Napoletano

Friday, April 17, 2009


Please go to Stop Mother act and sign the petition to prevent mothers from losing their free agency.  

“This MOTHER’S Act, with its innocuous sounding name will mandate “mental screening” for Pregnant women. This will lead to many more young mothers being labeled with fraudulent psychiatric conditions and many of them will be put on dangerous psychiatric drugs even while they are still pregnant. This is already happening in some states such as New Jersey with the state legislature previously passed a similar bill.

With your help, we were able to stop this Federal bill dead in its tracks last year, but the drug lobby apparently never sleeps and they got it through the House of Representatives.

Now we need some fast action from thousands of doctors and patients across the country - in the form of phone calls and faxes to their US Senators to stop this bill from passing in the Senate"

Contrary to what our drug obsessed society believes, drugs are not always the answer. So... because some women have PPD I have to be tested for it??? How they would even test for something health practitioners don't even understand is beyond me. And what if the outcome of my testing, based on hypothetical inconclusive data, says I have ppd? Well then pump me and my perfect little fetus full of dangerous drugs. This act is absurd! You know come to think of it, I don't feel good every month when I get a dose of hormones. I guess I should have been prescribed a prescription of zoloft along time ago. And I can't seem to loose the last 7 pounds of my baby weight so maybe I should just start taking diet pills around 5months along of my next pregnancy.  I like what another blogger wrote:

"Drugs cannot cure or even help a nutritional deficiency. All PPD and most other psych created conditions are nothing more than nutritional issues that have been created by the current state of our food supply. Last week a news report exposed the inclusion of  Mercury in almost 50% of all high fructose corn syrup, which is in everything. The FDA & Congress cannot  safeguard our food supply. They cannot be trusted to safeguard the health of women and children.  Save our future. Help stop this bill"


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random randomness and Balboa Park

  I was thinking about my life before Cru and how I was very vocal about my loathe for double words typically found in "baby talk." It made me want to vomit when I heard such words as "doo doo" "pee pee" or "ba ba." It was a huge pet peeve of mine....along with the word pet peeve. 

   That being said, today I was changing Cru and found myself saying...and I quote.."You are a stinky stinky pee pee poo poo face" What!!! Where did that even come from? I am still in a state of shock. Is this just a small taste of the future regression of my vernacular as my family grows. I don't even know who I am anymore. 

Things I will probably hear and see less living in a Utah suburb-

Setting: walking past a PB apartment
Conversation overheard : 
Voice #1: I thought she was hot!
Voice#2: Dude shes so not hot
Voice #1: I know!  I finally saw her when I wasn't drunk!
(What I found interesting in this conversation is the word "finally." To me that would signify voice #1 is intoxicated for a large portion of his day)

Setting: Garnet street (its Garnet so this story isn't too surprising)
Time: noon
What we saw: A girl stumble out of the bar..walk over to Denneys and vomit all over their entrance (let me remind you, it was noon. )

Setting: Garnet again
Time: 5:00pm.
I was walking with Cru in his stroller and some chick walks up and completely defiles the front part of Crus ride.(hopefully her rudness can be removed with lysol) She pressed herself against it and whilst cheering she enacted something you  might see on the discovery channel when an animal is attempting to attract her mate. It was so shocking a spectator drunk, with no relation to her, apologized for her behavior. He said "Whoa, I am so sorry, that was riduculous. I am plastered right now and I would never do that."
The kind words of empathy from a drunken man can always make you feel better. 

Setting: Grand Street.
Time: 9:00pm
Joby and I were walking to Ralphs and stopped to watch real life frogger. We watched yet another drunk PB girl. She was talking on her phone upsidedown into the earpiece and walked straight into a palm tree (Which Joby and I of course laughed at because we are awesome like that) and then she stumble across the street into on comming traffic . It was seriously just like Frogger. Joby and I almost had a heartattack watching. How she survived, who knows. Cars came speeding by and Joby and I were clenching our teeth and letting out random "Oh nos!"and  "Watch outs!"  
Physics were defied by her that night and I am thankful we were able to witness it. 

And now we will transition into more aesthetically pleasing images for your mind. Balboa Park. We(Joby I and our John Dorian, Brady) spent the day at Balboa Park because it was overcast at the beach, and I forget how beautiful it is during the day and at night. I included a video of pictures of the park. It saves your fingers from tedious scrolling. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as we did!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cru-isin around San Diego

I start out my day by watching Baby Einstein  under the watchful eye of our all seeing, non stop eating, watch dog Yoda. 
Next is a jog with Mom on the Boardwalk where she almost crashes because shes looking at her figure in the tinted windows to see if it has improved since we left the house.

We take whatever the promoters on the boardwalk are giving out. Today it was Jamba...Score!
We watch the Skateboarders and Mom says how cool their tricks are....then she lectures me on  how I'm not allowed to ever do those tricks because its dangerous and you have to wear tight emo pants which shes says are icky. 

Then we lay out and get some sun because I got mommys skin that is white....not olive like daddys
We get lots of sun. It makes mom happy
Then we go for a Bike ride and everyone says how cute I am.

Then we eat at what mom says is the "freaking best Mexican hole in the wall in the world" It gives me a stomach ache later. 
After our long day we go home and Dad reads to me while I drool all over the pages. And then its off to sleep so I can get my rest for the same wonderful day tomorrow. I love San Diego. I hope we never leave!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Speaking my thoughts outloud

The snake is an ancient symbol of wisdom which appeared in Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754. This is a drawing entitled JOIN, or DIE. The snake is separated into different sections each labeled with the name of a colony. The purpose of this drawing was to promote Franklin's plan to bring unity to the Colonies creating "one general government" while retaining each states individual sovereignty.

I thought this symbol relevant after listening to last weeks treasured words from the Prophet and Apostles. 
Like Franklin's plan for unity to the colonies, We in the church are to be unified in one heart and one mind in the gospel of Christ, but individual in our salvation. What I received from conference was that we need to "join or die." That is join or align our lives with the Savior or we are going to die(spiritually) in the times ahead. 
To me, this means letting go of all worldliness. I noticed they spoke a lot about gaining control over 
ones physical appetites in conference, as they always do, but this time it resonated with me differently. All worldliness.
 I thought of the things I am tempted foods, not necessary good for the body(sugar)...sitcoms that promote unacceptable behavior, but is hidden under cleverness and wit., self importance. I loved how Apostle Neil Anderson relayed Apostle Packers directness in letting us know we are "nothing" and not to forget it! I know I'm nothing....but my ego does'nt...heh
These things I have listed may seem trifle, but I realized each one takes a little bit of my power away from me. I realized the extent of my dependence on sugar when I gave it up and went through withdrawal symptoms for a week of nausea, headache, extreme leg pain and other symptoms as it purged its way out of my system. Additionally  I experienced five weeks of grueling temptation as its plastered everywhere in society. I realized its power over me as  I caved a couple weeks ago.  After all of my efforts  I went back to consuming sugar everyday. 
    Since conference I receive that "desire and want more than anything else" to only place living food in my body. (ie foods that bring life not deterioration.) I am therefore back on the road to a new lifestyle.  Sugar is promoted everywhere in society. Its hard to get away from those images. That's why I loved being in Thailand. They didn't really have sugar and it wasn't promoted. We lived off rice and vegetables for a month and I felt fantastic. Its hard, when its everywhere you look. 
  I enjoyed Uchtdorfs talk when he relayed the story of the guy who said he tried his advice for a week but it didn't work so he stopped. That was how I felt! I tried not eating sugar for 6 weeks, the temptation didn't go away so I stopped. Quick fixes are promoted so much in society I think we expect change to happen instantaneously. I realized I am a work in progress and "its line upon line precept upon precept." I'm changing my whole life style....its going to take a while 
       I have been thinking about the days to come and the challenges and trial ahead for our generation and I realize I need all of my power and nothing preventing me from receiving revelation. I also need to rid my life of everything that is offensive to the Spirt. (Now I just need to reflect what those things are) 
      I have always been fascinated with John the Baptist and his self control and dicipline. He segregated himself from society completely. He lived on the outskirts of the city, lived off the land and ate humble foods. He did this so he would not be tempted by anything the world had to offer and have nothing to impede his connection to the Divine. He was the epitome of self control. How great would that be. To be tempted by nothing in society! I wonder how surprised we would be to rise above the world and realize how entrenched we are in the world.
    I like Hales talk on not spending money on "things not of worth." I like how he said power comes from having money and not spending it. That is evidence that your spirit is in control...not your physical body. That's one of the reasons why were down here right? to gain control over our physical bodies. 
    In addition to control, I also noticed another topic was "entitlement."  The "I deserve this" attitude. "Why should they have more. I deserve more." The Entitlement mind set is scary because its the basis of Socialism. I believe without coming out and saying it, the Prophet and Apostles were warning that Socialism is upon us. If everyone is in the mindset that they are "entitled" then it will be very easy to introduce socialism to our country. Its mental breeding ground for its proliferation. 
    Glenn beck (whether you like him or not you can't deny that he is a less attractive version of Joby. Seriously! watch him next time. Its eerie how much they are alike) created an fantastic project that is growing all over America. He is creating a movement that will take our country back to one nation under God. He is creating organized groups all over the nation educating them on the sacred Constitution, One nation under God and the fact that we live in a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY. America is ruled by LAW(Republic) Not a MAJORITY(Democracy)I get eerie chills when I hear our political leaders talk about how we live in a Democracy. The last time I checked it is "To the REPUBLIC for which it(America) stands" All you history and poli sci buffs know that democracy always leads to socialism thats why our Founders created a Republic. Check out his site at Its based on 9 principles(listed on the site)  and 12 values. (honesty,reverence,hope,thrift,humility,charity,sincerity, moderation, hard work, courage, personal responsibility and gratitude)
He uses my favorite author Cleon Skousen as study material. If you aren't familiar with his works...get familiar!! He is brilliant. He has written books solely per the Apostles requests. When it comes to the gospel and history I know no greater mind. This is one of his book that reminds you of what principles originally made America great. Its horrifying to see how much we have strayed from the founders original creation

Lastly, the temple was a important topic. We haven't been to the temple since Cru came into the world and I realized what a disservice that has been to our family and have a newfound resolve to let nothing keep us away from attending. I refer often back to this talk given by a previous gerneral authority Vaughn J. Featherstone in April 1987 to remind me how vital it is to make the temple the center of our lives. Its powerful!!!
BE NOT AFRAID by Vaughn J. Featherstone
The season of the world before us will be like no other in the history of mankind. Satan has unleashed every evil, every scheme, every blatant, vile perversion ever known to man in any generation. Just as this is the dispensation of the fullness of times, so it is also the dispensation of the fullness of evil. We and our wives and husbands, our children, and our members must find safety. There is no safety in the world; wealth cannot provide it, enforcement agencies cannot assure it, membership in this Church alone cannot bring it.
As the evil night darkens upon this generation, we must come to the temple for light and safety. In our temples we find quiet, sacred havens where the storm cannot penetrate to us. There are hosts of unseen sentinels watching over and guarding our temples. Angels attend every door. As it was in the days of Elisha so it will be for us, "Those that be with us are more than they that be against us."

Before the Savior comes the world will darken. There will come a period of time where even the elect will lose hope if they do not come to the temples. The world will be so filled with evil that the righteous will only feel secure within these walls. The Saints will come here not only to do vicarious work, but to find a haven of peace. They will long to bring their children here for safety [sic] sake.

I believe we may well have living on the earth now or very soon the boy or baby who will be the prophet of the Church when the Savior comes. Those who will sit in the Quorum of the Twelve are here. There are many in our homes and communities who will have apostolic callings. We must keep them clean, sweet, and pure in an oh so wicked world.

There will be greater hosts of unseen beings in the temple. Prophets of old as well as those in this dispensation will visit the temples. Those who attend will feel their strength and feel their companionship. We will not be alone in our temples.

Our garments worn as instructed will clothe us in a manner as protective as temple walls. The covenants and ordinances will fill is with faith as a living fire. In a day of desolating sickness, scorched earth, barren wastes, sickening plagues, disease, destruction, and death, we as a people will rest in the shade of trees, we will drink from the cooling fountains. We will abide in places of refuge from the storm. We will mount up as on eagles [sic] wings. 
We will be lifted out of an insane and evil world. We will be fair as the sun and clear as the moon.

The Savior will come and will honor his people. Those who are spared and prepared will be a temple loving people. They will know him. They will cry out "blessed be the name of He [sic] that
cometh in the name of the Lord thou art my God and I will bless thee, thou art my God and I will exalt thee."

Our children will bow down at His feet and worship Him as the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. They will bathe His feet with their tears and He will weep and bless them for having suffered through the greatest trials ever known to man. His bowels will be filled with compassion and His heart will swell wide as eternity and He will love them. He will bring peace that will last a thousand years and they will receive their reward to dwell with Him.

Let us prepare them with the faith to surmount every trial and every condition. We will do it in these holy, sacred temples. Come, come, oh come up to the temples of the Lord and abide in His presence.

God bless the Utah South Area. The Lord has planted and is planting giants in the land. Apostles and Prophets are being born in your homes. Some of your youth will walk in the highest places in this kingdom. Your sons who are on missions will return and fill the most sacred callings. You do not know who your children are.

As we faithfully commit and follow through with a great missionary thrust, God will bless us. 
Our children will see visions, our leaders will dream sacred dreams. Angelic and unseen beings will watch over and protect you and your children. Employers hearts will be softened, bounteous blessings will flow. Satanic influences will be thwarted. Our people will walk in holiness protected and blessed as the "Children of Light." Homes will be protcted from evil and destroying powers will pass us by. You will come to the shade of trees, to the cooling fountains, to the haven of rest. Peace, love and hope will be yours.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you know your constitution?

To help me and little Cru in a couple years, to know the constitution I started making little amateur videos. Their not exactly brilliant, but their short and sweet and give a quick rundown of our rights. I will periodically shuffle them in with my other posts. I decided to start with the 16th amendment because I see its effects currently in two aspects of society. The first can be discovered in 1 Kings chapter 12. In this chapter, the people of Israel petition their newly established king, Rehoboam to relieve them of the "yoke" his father(Solomon) had placed on them. The "yoke" is explained in the chapter as being the cost to maintain the political establishment, a levy on ones production; it was an income tax. 

 "The yoke symbolizes the beast of burden, who, of course, has no right of property. When the human is similarly deprived of what he has produced-which is the essence of income taxation-he is indeed degraded to the status of an ox. The Israelite, who maintained that he was made in the image of God, sensed the indignity; he wanted none of the "yoke."  

I believe the 16th amendment puts us in the same situation as Israel and bills currently being passed through the house will further denigrate the American people to the "status of an ox." 

Secondly, I find it interesting that the American people today so easily jump on the slogan bandwagon, just like those in 1913 who fed into the popular "soak the rich." But as we see with the 16th amendment, the slogan they eagerly supported didn't help them, but became theirs and now our yoke.