Monday, February 22, 2010

We bring out feelings in others they themselves don't understand

Joby and I team teach the Old Testament to the 16-18 year olds and they typically welcome the sarcasm we sprinkle through out the lesson. We decided to make my fortune cookies for them and as per usual the fortunes were more comically demeaning then uplifting.

Examples include:
"You should be more concerned about your elephant smell"
"Your excessive body hair does not go unnoticed by others"
"You are not only dull yourself you are the cause of dullness in others."

We decided it would be more prudent to make the cookies an object lesson and compared the cookies to the adversaries tactics stating , "he puts things in beautiful enticing little packages, but on the inside he has nothing but disdain for you." We totally thought we were brilliant even though ironically we created the sarcastic fortunes for our own sadistic pleasure.

Anyway, we noticed one of the kids in our class seemed to be troubled and wasn't as boisterous as usual. We could tell he was having a bad day and so I kind of didn't want him to get a fortune cookie because of their potential to be a downer. I was hoping he would get a more mild one, but apparently he received the one which stated:
"Since you're gross shouldn't you be smart?"
So I was like "yeah, the adversary sucks can you believe he wrote something so incredibly rude."

Concern: What if his problem is that he thinks he is gross and unintelligent and the cookie confirmed it?

Needless to say he wasn't in class this week.

Moral of the story: Do not come to my and jobys class if you think you're gross and unintelligent and are having a bad day.

P.S. My kid and Joby are cute:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Expectations exceeded

on a more sentimental note....

I always had great expectations for my life with Joby. He is my best friend, treats not only me, but all women as queens and can make me laugh harder than anyone. Our life together has never been dull and never a day goes by without expressions of love....or sarcasm

Its strange its only been three years and as cliche as it is...I vaguely remember life before him...and can't imagine life without him

For two people who always subscribed to the philosophy "Never grow up," I think were doing a pretty good job of "growing up" together.

And yes...below is a portion of our wedding video in honor of our anniversary.
(I fully admit my dorkiness in posting it. ) Truly, the best day of my life.

Heres to umptine more years of calling you so obnoxious, so immature, so attractive, so hilarious, so driving me nuts, so perfect for me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Duncan principle is valid

So if you watch "Community" you know that the Duncan Principle(which consisted of leaving test subjects in a waiting room until they broke down) was debunked by one of the volunteers.

However, I am here to confirm the validity of the Duncan Principle from first hand experience. In the episode Annie entered the room full of test subjects, when the experiment was "suppose to" begin, and said the following:

In my experiment, I told Joby to stop at one of my friends house so I could drop something off and I would only be 5 minutes.

I ended up returning to the car after 20 minutes and his response was identical to the test subject below....even down to the uncontrollable english/spanish hysterics.

Conclusion: The data I collected finds The Duncan principle conclusive in the Archer family.