Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'll break your toys!

Today Cru's cousins came over to play and Cru was being stingy with his toys and kept taking them from his cousins exclaiming "These are mine!" I angrily told him that his cousins always share when we go to their house and if he didnt share I was going to break and throw away all of his toys!!
In my frustration and freaking out on him, the Spirit whispered "Speak softly and he will understand."

How could speaking softly be more effective than threatening toy disposal? Right?

I thought about times when I was learning a new position at work and made a mistake or didn't carry it out correctly. Those who yelled at me for my blunders just created resentment in me towards them and my work. However, those who spoke calmly and kindly and explained why we do things a certain way and how to approach it, made me want to do better. With a patient approach learning took place.
I get overwhelmed at times when I start to contemplate all of great character and principle I am suppose to instill in my children. How am I suppose to do that? Luckily we have a loving Heavenly Father that through his perfect parenting and teaching us with love, we learn how to teach his sons and daughters.
I find that these teaching moments are whispered more frequently when I am dilligent in my morning scripture study and prayer. Its nice that we are not alone in raising children. I am so grateful we have the sacred teachings of the spirit that help refine my character and explain more effective ways to teach my children righteous principles.

**Interestingly after this post I turned on the TV to watch the BYU daily devotional and they had chose to rebroadcast Elder Bednars April 2010 conference address which talks about teaching your children to Act and not be acted upon. Coincedence...probably not. And my learning continues.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Motherhood evolution:

This was me with two kids:

This is me with 3 kids

Any questions?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011