Monday, July 25, 2011

"as they walked and walked and walked AND WALLLLked"

We just returned from trek 2 weeks ago and this is the first year Pioneer Day has meant more than parades and fireworks.

Joby and I were called as Ma and Pas for trek back in February, to give us time to prepare, and were told the experience would change our lives. Walking in a bonnet and dress through Wyoming is going to change my life?


Well it did.

I use to think the Pioneers were just "some people that did something hard a long time ago." Luckily being called to this gave Joby and I the desire to study these great Saints and what we learned and experienced will forever inspire the best in us.

There were moments walking on the trail where they walked that were so sacred not one person in our company of 250 could contain their emotions. A wave of humble cries slowly broke out and you knew you were on hallowed ground.

The pioneers reached some of the greatest character possible in this life. They came to know the Savior personally on earth and their examples of Faith, love and sacrifice will continue to be a compass through my own challenges.

If you ever get the chance to go on trek...take it.

Great read:Fire of the Covenant
Great Movie: 17 Miracles...(even Joby cried ..don't tell him I told you)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hands down...Best Holiday

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday.

Maybe I like independence and my Country...

Maybe I don't like the British or their teeth...

Maybe I like fireworks, festivities and family parties..

or maybe I just like Joby who happens to have been born on the 4th...

The culmination of all of these makes for a delightful experience.
Family BBQ/ Pool party and fireworks at my parents and then onto the Archers for more fun!

Cru got his first pair of Boots from Grandma and Pop Archer this year!

We are on Day 4 of him refusing to take them off for bedtime.

A couple months ago Callie told my nephews, when we were out hiking, to pick some flowers and give them to me. Both Landon and Kason picked a flower and handed them to me saying "Here Julie!" Cru must have wanted the smile and hugs I gave them because ever since that day if Cru sees any flowers he will pick one for me and while reaching say "Here Julie!"

its the only time he calls me Julie instead of mom and its so ridiculously cute.

In the words of Will Ferrell..."AMERICA!!"