Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shes crafty!

I feel like I'm always jumping to a new creative outlet throughout my life that temporarily brings me fulfillment and then its onto the next venture. Sometimes I wish I could be more like my sister who can put so much dedication and focus into one thing until it becomes amazingly successful. I typically get bored halfway through and seek out something else. I love new things and experiences...apparently only until the newness wears off. Its been a blessing and a curse in my life. 
So onto my latest venture. Woodworking. Learning how to use jobys saws and power tools opened a whole new world for me in creativity and home improvement ideas. Additionally I can actually make the stuff I pin(pinterest) now.  The chop saw scared the crap out of me at first, but after a day getting familiar with it, its no longer intimidating. 
Until I get bored I make and sell dry/erase calendars and other beach and french inspired home decor. (Oh how I miss the beach )

They are on sale at Black Eyed Susans Boutique in Roosevelt, Bungalow boutique in Heber and will be in a couple boutiques in Salt Lake by the end of the month. I also just opened an Etsy Shop.
 I think creative outlets are so important as a mom. It keeps you energized and prevents you from getting bored with some of routines of being a housewife. Additionally my kids are by my side the whole time and are learning how to be creative as well. Be crafty. It's fun!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass...

It's about putting on your waterwings, so you don't drowned, and running in the rain. 

Yay! It finally rained! Disappointingly not enough or early enough to lift the temporary firework ban due to the crazy fires.( It was actually appropriate we couldn't celebrate our independence with fireworks considering we are no longer independent or free due to the recent passing of certain bills ) 

Oh to be a child again. Free from responsibility and stress. And to have the beautiful mind that says, "hey its raining outside! I'm going to put on my waterwings and run like its recess!" 

Then there's this guy. Super Von Von is apparently not so super in the crawling department. Almost nine months and STILL scooting his way through life. However, his deep staccato laugh makes up for it...