Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bring on the terrible twos!

Cru is pretty much the most hilarious person Joby and I know and we love watching him grow up. He's 2!!!!

In other news, I just happened to see this facebook message chain my friend commented on. I don't know any of the people in this post but one response to the girls status made me do a double take.....

Though Erica was always suspicious of Elly it was her use of the Facebook "like" status that,like so many others, finally revealed her true sinister nature

Friday, November 5, 2010

Grass is cool...the legal kind

We finally have grass!! Just in time for it to snow on it and kill it. Yay!!
Whatever, we will enjoy our 6 or 7 days of green grass.
We pretty much spent last night sitting on our porch staring at it and waving to neighbors who offered grateful salutes for fixing the eyesore of our street.
(Sadly this is a crappy overexposed pic, and yet my skin is still pretty much that same pasty white color. Bring on the orange-ish hue mist on tan! When we were dating Joby use to make fun of my mist on tan saying he understood our chemistry as he was always attracted to basketballs.)
I remember before I was married and actually owned property, my brother sent me pictures of his freshly laid sod at his house. I remember thinking "whoo hoo grass...I could care less." It's interesting how your enthusiasm for different things in life increase as you experience it firsthand. I now understand. I was nieve to the joys of owning grass. Don't be surprised if you receive a text with a picture of our yard.

I think Cru and his cousins would prefer a dirt Yard. They have had a blast digging, pushing their dump trucks, eating and tracking the dirt all through our house.