Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sassy Sage

Jobys Grandma named Sage "Sassy" when she was just a month old. This has been her nickname ever since and is incredibly fitting.  You never know if she hot or cold. One minute shes screaming "No" or "mine"or having a dramatic meltdown or punching her doll in the face- the next minute shes getting you something to drink, finding your shoes or grabbing her blanket to snuggle with you and biting her dolls face(which strangely means shes happy).  
 Shes our perfect blend of salty and sweet with an adorably contagious smile and laugh. Shes pretty much the freaking cutest thing we have ever seen. Happy Birthday Sagie!

                                                     We had her party in the mountains, and because I am slowly losing my mind, I forgot to take pictures. However, as you can see from the pictures above she is like her Daddy. They both have a strong passion for cake! I'm pretty sure Joby is admiring the cupcake in the pic and not his adorable daughter.

Other adorable people worth mentioning:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mothers day remembered

As most people, I received many wonderful "Happy Mothers Day" text on Mothers Day but an accidental response is what actually made my day and I will treasure forever.  On one of the mass happy mothers day text  a debbie downer on my friends list inadvertently responded to everyone instead of just the sender. This was her lovely reply:
"not really. Happy ones are for those who are married or single by choice. Sorry but thats how I feel, and thats how I felt last year too."

The question is do you think she felt that way the year before as well?

Either way should this have made Joby and I happy to read....Probably not but then again I'm a bad person so we were giddy with joy.  Sometimes I think my adolescence never left me...
If its any consolation I recall yelling at joby many years ago when I was in a not so bright place, "You could never live a day in my life!" And we make fun of that too.