Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three legged dogs make me laugh

Especially when they are utilized in children programing as a way to help kids be more accepting of others who look different.

Cru was watching "Clifford the big red dog" the other day and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a cartoon 3 legged dog hopping across the screen and to my great satisfaction... it was!!

The corners of my mouth immediately curled into a dastardly smile.

It was epic. I think I was more entertained than Cru. The 3 legged dog bounced over to the other dogs and they all became really uncomfortable and awkwardly walked away to avoid him. Apparently this is the wrong behavior, but thats pretty much what i do when I come in contact with a three legged dog.

I was hoping he had a spanish accent as my only experience viewing three legged dogs is on our trips to TiJuana. We would actually play a version of "Wheres Waldo" when we crossed the border but it was called "wheres a four legged dog." Surprisingly its difficult to find in TJ and three legs are more of the norm.

Why all TJ dogs only have 3 legs you ask? I still don't know but will spend the rest of my life trying to find the answer.

I searched diligently for a picture or video of this specific episode, but to my dismay could not find any of the priceless footage to post. Joby said I have to stay on the computer until I find it as he feels cheated for not being able to view it.

In the end the dogs deal with their "3legaphobia" and befriend the misfortunate animal.

Moral of the story: If you use a three legged dog as an object lesson... the lesson will sadly be lost in my non-sensitive laughter.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm temporarily anti-color

According to Joby I am a part time goth. He claims pregnancy makes me anti-color.

I have noticed that around four months into pregnancy everything black in my wardrobe seems to be worn more frequently. This frequency seems to increase and by nine months color has been completely absolved from my attire and I pretty much wear the Mac cosmetic uniform on black. One month after pregnancy I seem to welcome color back into my life.
I apparently am a typical girl and realized I simply resort to black for its wonderful concealing abilities. Its my attempt to trick my mind into believing I still have some sort of figure even though the baby is trying her best to sabotage it. I think its easy to feel huge during pregnancy, even though its just the baby, and anything that makes me feel less like a cow in those last months I will fully support.
See, sporting black straight forward I'm only a little pregnant
Even though turning to the side I am obviously 7 months.
Joby always says my psychosomatic neuroticisms are what keep our marriage interesting.

Side note, never say never. I find that whatever you say you will "never do" 9 times out of ten you will do.
Pre-children I always judged mothers whos kid still had a binky in after they were walking. I claimed my kid will NEVER use a binky past 10months. Below you will find a picture of my hypocrisy.
16 month old Cru.
What I should have said was "My kid will never use a binky past 10 months.......unless I find it a useful weapon to quiet tantrums and high pitched screaming."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shun the non-believers

Normally I don't fall prey to supposed "Old Wives Tales, " but this one seems to be eerily accurate. The gender and amount of kids you will have can be predicted by a strand of your hair, your wedding ring and the energy from your wrist.

It just makes logical sense.... right?

When my sister introduced this to me my response was the same as Jobys response to me now that I believe it.."This is ridiculously stupid." However, it has predicted correctly on everyone I know, including myself, by predicting Cru as a boy and our next as being a little girl before I had an ultra sound. Interestingly enough if it ends up being completely correct we are going to have 6 kids the last being twins.

Just try know you want to.

In conclusion, thank you Utah for the ridiculous amount of billboards lining our freeways promoting liposuction, plastic surgery and "miracle juices." And thank you Utah for introducing me to Voodoo.

***This is a video I found on Youtube showing the "ring trick" However, it works the same using a needle and string.
Basically circle means girl, swinging back and forth perpendicular to your wrist equals boy and swinging parallel to your wrist equals twins. It will swing for a while before stopping and then continuing with the next predicted gender.