Monday, March 28, 2011


It is extremely easy just by looking at a toy to decipher if it is from China or the U.S.
China's English branding is delightfully bad. It typically lacks punctuation, prepositions or plural forms of nouns.
This is one is our favorites, so far, because it incorporates all three grammar mistakes listed above. It is a bucket of little plastic safari animals...I mean animal.
It makes Joby and I deliriously happy when we discover China toys in Cru's toy collection because we get to incorporate the new lingo into our daily conversations for the rest of the week. For instance, today I followed Joby around the store with random items stating "Lovely and fun (whatever I was holding) these are what you want."

I have been searching to see if they also have other lines like "The world of insect" or "The world of person."
I also like that they inform me that "these are what I want" because it takes the annoying decision making process out of buying toys.

In other news.. I was giving my Relief Society lesson yesterday and we were discussing the dangers of carnal security. After people had supplied some examples of carnal security I began to move on to the next subject when randomly someone just said


And I don't even know who said it, but it was so funny because it was said out of the blue and with complete disgust. It was said in such a way you would think boats were the downfall of society. I just started laughing and I couldn't move on unless I addressed it so I just stated "Mark my words if you own aboat you are being lured by the adversary into carnal security." Everyone was laughing, but I wish I would have found out who it was so I could ask for some background on her animosity towards boats. For the rest of the day anytime there were breaks in conversation I would just say "boats."

In other other news.. Cru pushed Sage in the bathtub. So she got right next to his face and screamed the most high pitch shrill scream I have ever heard in my life. It literally hurt my ears.Cru started crying hysterically because it scared him. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath. Nice to know my little chica can already fight back.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

candy confidence

I received this picture and text today...

"Hey Julie remember us????
You can't hurt us anymore!!!!!!!!"

Apparently the candy community is getting a little cocky knowing I have quit them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Juice puppy era

Cru loves to dance. We typically designate 7:00p.m. after hours at the Archer house and we blast the salsa music and dance until I pass out on the floor. My endurance currently gives up at 7:45. I don't know how I use to dance until 3, sometimes 6, in the morning.
This video is a couple months old but I love it because it shows his sweet complex arm movements. Additionally, this was the juice puppy era so he would randomly say "juice" or "puppy" the whole time he was dancing. You can kindof hear it on the tape.

His current motivation is still puppies but he's added horses to the mix.