Friday, January 28, 2011

I've been thinking....

For the past 3 to 4 years I have felt the strength and urgency more than ever to purify my life and cleanse myself of any and every weakness that would prevent me experiencing the spirit to the fullest. I'm sure becoming a parent is an influential part as you want to be the example of the principles you are teaching your children, but there is more to it. We all know we are living in the last days. I remember being referred to as millennial children in talks growing up and we know the Apostles and possibly the Prophet who will be the Apostles and Prophet during the millenium are here. (see talk). We can see mens/ womans (maybe our own ) hearts failing as prophesied in our daily encounters. Analyzing my own mind I see my own worldly snares I am vulnerable to. I feel like I have had things come into my life that have helped free much of my captivity so I could further prepare myself and family. One being the revelation to leave California and move to Utah. (I also find it interesting that so many people are flocking back to Utah. Even those without family here)That blessing not only brought us closer to family, but has taken us almost completely out of debt. Something that I believe would never happen had we stayed in California. Another is emotional healing, through the Atonement, from some heartaches in life. I feel like a whole person again. Another is Live the life. Its aprogram that gave me the proper formula for taking care of ones body and perfectly following the word of wisdom. I felt addicted to sugar and had many failed attempts at alleviating it from my life. Since following live the life I have not only almost completely absolved my addiction to sugar but also to preservatives and every unnatural craving induced food source in our society. I eat for sustainability not for the serotonin high. Its a powerful feeling. It wasn't easy but so worth it. I had always admired John the Baptist because he lived off of locust and honey. He ate purely for sustenance and that was because he didn't want to have any societal appetites that impede his communication with God. I have never understood 3:7 to the degree I do today. "for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save heshall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." Heavenly Father has placed many people, books and things in my life to help me accomplish things he has commanded me to do. I also know the Saviors spirit has been poured more abundantly across the earth as I have never felt the strength to accomplish thesethings as I have these past 3 years.
Through Study we know the signs and they are all around us. We know that the seventh seal was opened in the year 2000 (one reference)signifying the last days and the half hour of silence in Heaven before Christ comes. And thanks to John in Revelations we know what will happen during the half our of silence and its definitely not a glamorous time(Revelations chapter 8) In Millennial messiah Bruce R McConkie claims we can calculate what a half and hour is in gods time. He stated that if 1000 years is one day to God then you divide 1000 by 24 to see if you can find out how long one of God’s hours is, and it’s just under 42 years. so according to McConkie a half an our is just under 21 years. Additionally that is only correct if our calandars are correct. We know that they are correct and God goes by our calandar(gregorian) by D&C 20:1. So his speculation is that we may not know the time or hour....but we know the year of the millennium. If this is true, the next 10 years should be interesting....
Regardless if the millennium is in 2021 or 2091 I know there is a storm coming as I can feel the urgency to get my house in order. Additionally John spoke in Revelations of the beast that will rise up and place us in a under a totalitarian government. (Revelations 13) It has been speculated that this beast that was "wounded to death" but then "healed" is making reference to the Soviet union. Which I agree with. The evil soviet union empire was crushed under Reagan, but I saw this the other day and it was unnerving "Restoring the Soviet Union" I find it interesting that John refers to the powerful beast in Revelations as a bear and so does this article. I thought to myself, "And it begins..."after reading this and their talks of restoring the scary KGB.
I loved this video. Its was very nicely done. It doesn't induce fear or contention like most "warning" videos. It brings peace through the Savior. Because ultimately we should not fear but have faith in our Savior. He is "the only way"

Additionally I love this artist. Jon Mcnaughton. My sister introduced me to him. You can click on any person or image in his painting to see information behind his symbolism.

Not really a fun post....just something thats been on my mind