Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Alive!!!!!!

After only a mere 15 years Joby got his purple betty running!

Joby says that 15 years is normal to restore a vehicle. Somehow.... I don't think he's being truthful.

Jobys helping me to appreciate old things. Its a slow process. I'm on level 2. "Embracing not new" I just moved up from level 1 "refraining from calling old things stupid."

Its still hard. The temptation is still there. I see an antique and I can taste the contempt in my mouth and I want to give in....but I've come too far.

One day at a time.


kkrich said...

very very cool and very very exciting! congrats u two

kjwoolf said...

Keeping up appearances..... :)

Kof said...

Were you sitting on plastic buckets in it still B? Looks cruisin ready after all these years of heckling. Well done

Kalli Ko said...


We could discuss how Paul bought a 1974 land cruiser last year with the intent of fixing it up and instead we sold it 4 months ago for $600. Something doesn't add up...

Kalli Ko said...

I meant to say we paid $1000 for it and then sold it not more than 6 months later for $600. We got hosed. HOSED. I HATE OLD CARS.

But go ahead Joby, live your dream.