Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hormones bring us to Jesus!

So I'm sure the title of this post sounds if not blasphemous then ridiculous, but I do have a theory. I say theory as much of my insight could just be radical chemical imbalances, caused by just recently giving birth to a child, as opposed to true inspiration.(which I'm sure is typically the case with me) Either way I give you something to think about.

I like most women do not like hormones. For 7-10 days out of every month I go from an optimist to a pessimist. I feel physically drained. I feel extremely burdened from every ailment. I experience sorrows and emotions that stem from absolutely nothing. I have extreme anger( I'm sure joby can elaborate on this) and no hope for anything. Hormones are simply obnoxious. I hate them. I think I notice them more now that I have family and can't just pamper myself all day. ( ie I notice them more now that I can't be selfish with my time) I have researched every possible solution to counteract their effects such as exercise, nutrition, vitamins, meditation, positive thinking, midol midol midol. I have yet to find a cure all and just have to try to get through this time without ruining someone's life.
You know how people find the most outlandish things to tie to the Gospel?(like Harry Potter? Yes that was a dig at you Kristen..hehe)
Well here is where I tie hormones to Jesus...
I was reading in Isaiah 53, which makes me cry (even when I am not hormonal) and for some reason I was pondering this plight women have to bare each month. Isaiah 53 has been called the "song of the suffering servant" (kindof sounds like it could be talking about a womans struggle with PMS. hah)
It is actually one of the greatest prophesies of the Messiah written in the Old Testament. It talks about Christs suffering and triumph. As I read about how he was "despised and rejected" esteemed as stricken(viewed with the same disdain of a leper) And how he was a "man of sorrows aquainted with grief" not only because he carried the burden of our sins on his shoulders, but because he knew the fate of those who opposed him and it cause him great emotional pain, I thought of how I acted while experiencing the emotional turmoil hormones cause.
He had the greatest spiritual/physical burdens placed on him daily and yet he still got up each day and lived it to the fullest. He didn't release anger on others for his burden. He acted. He didn't let his burden slow down his mission. He continued to act as a God. I think sometimes I still see the Savior as I did as a child. As some kind of super hero that was above the emotions of the world. I forget sometimes that he felt sorrow as we do. He felt betrayal, ridicule, unacceptance, and pain as we do. I am so touched by his ministry everytime I consider the love he gave though he was treated so poorly. Even the small number that stood by him in his earthy life ended up rejecting him.

I began to see this physical/emotional burden women have to endure every month as a small taste of what Christ felt everyday of his ministry.

How could he accomplish so much, with so much against him? How did he accomplish so much carrying so much pain and sorrow?

I have never seen a purpose for hormones which is why I hate them. However, I realized these brief hicupps in our emotions are a time we can become more like the Savior. Its easy to serve others and extend love when we feel good, but how much better will we be if we can do this even when we don't. To be happy, productive loving, longsuffering and in service to others while hormonal...to me this is what it means to truely triumph in life.(hah) Attaching a purpose to hormones such as spiritual growth and changing focus to the Savior and his example of what he did amist pain, sorrow and rejection might be the best remedy to that monthly misery.


Gentrey said...


I am 4 days away from having my baby and I'm so hormonal that it's not even funny. I've spent the last few days (or weeks) having a pity-party for how crappy I feel and I've been totally justifying my less-than-patient-mood with my children.

Now you've gone and made me feel guilty.


(Really good post, though.)

Allreds said...

The fact that you found a reason for hormones that made sense to me amazes me!

Unknown said...


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