Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We drank the koolaid

When Karma brought Joby and I to the small town Roosevelt (because we made fun of my sister and brother in law incessantly for living here) I first thought this:
However, Joby and I have since acquiesced, drank the Roosevelt koolaid and now we are singing a new tune...

(Annie reference in honor of Rachel)

We have become the redheaded step children of to speak.

People are extremely nice out here. I didn't trust their hospitality in the beginning. I thought they had to have some kind of angle. Apparently their angle is that they like to be hospitable.

This week was UBIC(Uintah basin in Celebration!) Its the typical town days consisting of parades, carnivals, talent shows etc.

i can't decide what was my favorite highlight ...
*Cru shoving his mouth full of candy at the parade only to spew it out in a slobbery mess on the street to make room for the candy from the next float.
*Cru walking up to strangers watching the talent show and hitting them in the face with his balloon
*Cru, Landon and Kason(crus cousins) running around like feral children, annoying the spectators and I and Callie pretending like they are not our children
*Watching the super tall girl with a broken arm in a dance routine not only not following the steps of everyone else on stage but pretty much doing whatever the heck she wanted.

Below is fun times at the parade and Joby's 10 seconds of Roosevelt fame:


rachel! said...

Yesssssss....I love a good shout-out. Especially if it involves red headed children wearing rags and shaking lots of hands

Carol Burnett is my freaking hero. When she sings the "Little Girls" song, a part of me wants to start drinking and run an orphanage.

I'm glad that you love your new life. While it's very different than PB or even Tierrasanta, I'm so glad you and Joby found your niche. I sure do love you guys!

Kalli Ko said...

Just don't go and move to my hometown, their kool-aid contains much different ingredients...

And also, how are you that skinny again already. My hate for you is deep and seething.

rmanni23 said...