Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dads cooler than your Dad

This is my dad
This is typically how you will see my Dad. Decked out in work gear and serving from 6 in the morning until 12:00 at night. He never stops. When I was little, I thought he was bionic...I still kind of do. 
He is always the first one in line to help anyone and everyone,because he can do anything,(seriously...anything!) but never expects anything in return. He is a true example of unselfish giving of his God given talents. 
My dad has always been the life of the party. I remember people use to always say "You must have so much fun in your home with a Dad like that." My dad can always make me laugh, except when he tries to give my baby pepsi  and frosting. 
He thinks its funny. I dont.
My Dad is respected by all, partly because they have seen him tear a phone book in half. (My friends from high school still talk about it.) 
My dad is tough as nails and has a scar on his bicep to prove it. If you ask he will gladly tell you the scars appearance was a result of his muscles getting so big they blew up. 
I could go on and list all of my dads amazing character and elaborate on how his great example made me a better person, but that would take all night...and I don't do well with out sleep. 
So I am simply going to say...My Dad is a rare breed. A diamond in the rough. Anyone who knows him will attest to this. He amazes people. He amazes me. 
He is a giant among men and  a treasure to his family. Love you Dad

P.S. and yes. My dad can beat up your dad. 

Fathers Day Celebration 2009 


Pattybjb said...

Julie, Thank you! You are truly a special daughter, you always have a big smile to cheer everyone up... The party last night was so fun and relaxing the food was great the company was awesome (we all missed Callie and her family) The rain & thunder and lightning was not going to spoil our fun.
Thank You Julie, Joby & Cru!
I love you!!!

Jodi said...

Julie, your dad isn't bionic? I always thought so too. Your dad is awesome, and was an awesome example to me too. . . but I'm sad I never got to see the phone book be torn in half :(. Love you Uncle Ron!

rmanni23 said...

Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't get to see that too, and he's probably too old to do it now. Well, maybe not, I mean, if he really IS bionic, he could be you know. Nice video Julz, I hope he had a great Father's Day.

Allreds said...

Julie i am so glad you used your talents to show off dad. I am also glad that everyone now knows what his scar is from. I love you dad so much and truly would do anything for you in a second. you mean the world to me and thank you for sharing your talents with me so much. your incredible

Pattybjb said...

What can I say----except I really know how to pick a husband. Hes the best! Mom