Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Livin the best Timeline

So Joby and I were watching the latest episode of Community last week where a simple roll of the die created a whole different timeline and chain of events. Afterward both Joby and I pondered where we would be had we chosen different roads in our life.
The following is the timeline I contemplated:
5 years ago I had just graduated in Broadcast Journalism. I was working with my friend Michelle at Fox 6 San Diego in the Photog department as we put together our field reporting resume tapes.

This was her:

This was me:

Both of us were offered Field Reporting positions in small markets to begin our career. Both of us were beyond excited to be News Reporters.

Here is where my timeline changed...

Michelle took the position.

I did not.

This is her 4 and a half years later:

An Anchor in a large news market in Texas

And this is me 4 and half years later:

40 weeks pregnant with our third kid. Living in a small town that resembles Radiator springs where winter lasts 8 months out of the year and sucks every last ounce of moisture from my skin and hair. Living in a house whose outside makes it look like it was transported from West Valley and I can't forget our amazing view of the trailer park. Did I mention I look and feel like a cow?

Michelle is wearing cute pant suits, interviewing political candidates, great authors and world renown scientists. Shes jumping out of planes with her photog, reporting on scene at major events meeting influencial people, getting major recognition and awards and enjoying the adenaline and excitement that working in the news brings.

I am wearing dresses that look like muumuus because I cant fit into anything because of my belly. I play at the park, get mac and cheese thrown at me, change diapers, change cloths, do laundry 24/7, referee fights, clean up messes, never get sleep, endure tantrums and whining...etc In conclusion I am a Mom

So obviously, my life could have been alot more glamorous. So why did I not take the Reporting Position? I like to blame Joby as I was offered the positions right after we were married and he did not want to move for my career. However, ultimately if I truly wanted the position and conveyed how important it was to me I have no doubt he would have moved.

I didn't realize it, but I had made my decision not to be a field reporter right before I was offered the career. See, you enter the news field thinking you are going to change the world, but as you are more exposed to the organization of the media you realize you are simply a puppet to the stations agenda. I was in countless producer meetings where reporters would offer excellent story ideas. Never once were they accepted. They were always assigned the stories that were approved by big media conglomerates and basically those who funded the station. I would have to report on things I didn't agree with and not in my tone, but the tone of the station. I began to realize journalistic liberty did not exist. Additionally the adrenaline in news is very addicting. I wonder if this would have made me put career above having children.

It was then that I made the decision(with the promptings from a loving Heavenly Father that knew it was difficult for me to give up what I thought was my dream) that I could be much more influential in the world if I raised a family in the Gospel so they could go out and be examples to others.

5 years later I am grateful and confident I chose the best timeline because I have these precious irreplaceable gems. Life is good

“Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but on what happens inside of you. It is measured by the spirit with which you meet the problems of life.” It will often be necessary for all of us to choose between having a good time and leading a good life. -President Harold B. Lee


sinika said...

I think your kids are lucky to have such a smart, funny beautiful mommy. Good luck with the new little one!

Alicia said...

Very nice post!

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