Monday, December 20, 2010

I learned it by watching you dad

Like Father...
Like son..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sage is almost 6 months. Time to have another one!

I'm not pregnant, but if Joby knew I said I wanted to get pregnant again he would probably get a vasectomy.
He thinks two is perfect.
I think six is perfect.
This should be interesting...
Look at me!
I'm sixth months in a week!
And I'm ridiculously cute.

Its strange, I have opposing forces working within me. I get stressed just watching my sister handle 3 under 3 yet I have this pull to keep having kids fast. I occasionally watch The Duggars. I am fascinated with the amazing patience and laid back disposition of the parents. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible not to acquire great patience after 19 kids. I love how their family functions like a small corporation and everyone works together on different levels for the success of the individual and family as a whole. Everyone is happy and loves to serve their brothers and sisters. Its actually quite inspiring. And you can tell the parents have crossed that difficult threshold of living the law of consecration. Its not "all about them" anymore. It is about their family and serving others. Its hard to give ones life completely to the Lord as people such as they have. You almost question if by doing so,by losing your life in service to others, he can make you happier then you yourself could. I loved Apostle Christoffersons talk reflections of a conscecrated life in which he states, "True success in this life comes in consecrating our lives—that is, our time and choices—to God’s purposes."
Having children puts you on the road to living the law of concecration. Through challenges and looking beyond your own happiness as a parent you gain eternal character that can't be achieved merely by attending to your own needs and happiness. That character blesses your family, friends and communiy. I love being a mom...have i achieved that spiritual growth where I forget about me in leu of others needs... not even close. Do i sometimes look back to my exciting life before kids? Yes. Do i want to go back. No.
Little prince and princesses make life sweeter.