Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its the big white wad on the left, stupid

Because of this :
And this:
I continue to hear the following from guests using our bathroom:
Guest: "uh where is your toilet paper."
me: "Its the big white wad on your left." (stupid)

We are conditioned to think that many things in society have to look a certain way to be classified as such. This is incorrect thinking. Just because its in a mountainous chaos shape as opposed to rolled up it doesn't mean its not usable toilet paper.

And just because small morsels of food are stored in obscure places in our carpet doesn't mean if cru finds it two days later its not food. He will still eat it
And just because the book I borrowed from you is returned with teeth marks around the edges and a missing index and slobber dried foot notes doesn't mean you cant still read it. Its still a book.
And just because a shirt has snot trails on it from your sick baby doesn't mean you can't wear it all day. Its still a shirt

Get a baby and start thinking outside the box.

cru baby


kkrich said...

preach it mama.

Gentrey said...

Very well said.

Kalli Ko said...

basically, eating TP helps the digestive system. On both ends. Der. Sam and Cru have that much in common.

rachel! said...

People can be SO close minded.

Jodi said...

Someone told me to think outside the box and get a baby. So I got a baby. Now I'm so far out of the box, I can't even see the box. But I think I'll still keep the baby.

kjwoolf said...

Keeping up appearances again!

Tim, Kim, and Evie said...

you crack me up!!! we're at the same place with evie... can you belive he's going to be a year old in a few weeks? time goes by way too fast!!!